Rose Face Toner
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Rose Face Toner

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By using Face Toner you encourage pore shrinkage and tightening in your skin. Large facial pores allow more dirt, oil and toxins to enter the skin and cause irritation and infections. Facial toners tighten your facial pores, allowing fewer oils and toxins to settle into the skin. This creates a fresher, cleaner and less oily appearance while preventing acne. Our toner in made with pure Witch Hazel extract, pure Rose Water Aloe, Vitamin E & C Oils and dried Rose & Lavender Buds. Comes in a 2oz glass spray bottle. Just simply spray your face after using our Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Face Soap.Then wipe clean with either a cotton face pad or cotton ball. Add a few drops or our Face Serum afterwards to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. Yes, both men and women are encouraged to use face toner! 

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